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Diana Stobo

Natural health coach and 2 time award-winning writer Diana Stobo has coached thousands of people around the world on health and wellness topics. Her books, Get Naked Fast & Naked Juice, along with her very own line of supplements, have helped revolutionize the health and wellness world. Diana’s current passion, The Retreat Costa Rica, has been dubbed the “Best Wellness Spa in the Americas” by World Boutique awards – and the #1 Detox Spa Worldwide by W magazine. Guests from every corner of the globe have signed up to attend her “Get Naked Fast” challenges with amazing results. Diana is also the creator and lead formulator of the Truth Bar, an innovative prebiotic/probiotic gut health bar available in boutique health food stores across the US. When she is home in La Jolla California, Diana enjoys concocting new and exciting flavor combinations. Although Diana’s education and expertise lies in life transformation, spirit coaching, and law of attraction, her specialty has always been an innate understanding of food as a modality for change. Currently venturing into Wellness Community Real Estate, Diana plans to expand The Retreat Costa Rica by opening their very first Ayurvedic Healing Center and Spa in Costa Rica this June.